Miniscule Blog Post (Will take you five seconds to read. Literally).

26 Oct

Good evening, everyone.

I shall now proceed to make this blog post like a Twitter post.

Currently, I am:

Eating lasagna.

Listening to Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman.

Wallowing in pain over my pinky finger that I burned five minutes ago on the terribly overheated lasagna pan.

Okay, enough with that.

Actually, this is literally the end of my post.  I could do a lengthy recap of my past month (school, college application, etc.) but instead I choose to end this post and do other things that frankly-now don’t be offended here-have higher priority.

Notice how I have avoided directly addressing the fact that I have grossly neglected this blog.

If you even take the time to read this pathetic five-second post, I appreciate you very, very much.

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