Thoughts On the Holiday Season

30 Dec

Hello everyone!

I’m not sure what to write about today.  I just felt that I needed to write something.

I must say that I am quite disappointed that Christmas is over.  My family has left our Christmas tree and decorations up around the house sort of in a sense of denial that the holiday season is ending.  But this morning my mom uttered that crushing phrase: “Soooo when are we going to take the Christmas stuff down?”


Just kidding.  I will have to face reality eventually.  I just like Christmas.  A lot.  It’s my favorite holiday, and mainly for reasons that have nothing to do with Jesus, which is probably silly because the whole holiday is about celebrating Jesus.  And, I mean, I love Jesus, but what I really love about Christmas (and the whole month of December, really) is that festive holiday atmosphere.  Yes, horribly sad things still occur in the month of December, but I (somewhat naively) still like to think of it as a happy, warm time.  I also just really enjoy Christmas decorations; I think it makes the house so much more fun.  AND of course I love playing Christmas music on my instruments, especially the piano, because I literally have a huge folder labeled CHRISTMAS MUSIC that I break out every year.  A lot of them are really easy pieces because, well, I’ve been breaking them out every year since I started playing, but I don’t even mind.  I just enjoy playing.  It makes me feel festive.

This year, I literally got two presents under the tree.  Well, three, but the third one doesn’t really count because it goes with the second one.  HOWEVER this is not a complaint.  This is actually something that makes me feel good, because you know what?  I’m not disappointed at all.  In fact, I’m glad I got a very minimal amount of presents.  I actually specifically told my parents not to get me hardly anything, because there’s this small thing called college tuition that I need to save up for.  And it’s a pretty hefty cost, thus my insistence on not wasting money on an abundance of Christmas presents.

When I did spend money on gifts, it was for other people.  And this year I really got into the giving spirit.  I mean, I think I finally realized how much better it feels to give someone a gift and watch them open it than receive a gift myself.  I always thought that was just a silly adage that people say just to make someone who didn’t get many gifts feel better.  But it’s really true.   And it’s kind of a liberating feeling; by giving more gifts than I received, I feel incredibly unselfish and secure in myself.  And it’s a good feeling; I mean, who wants to feel selfish?  I don’t feel like I need lots of gifts in order to have a good Christmas; my Christmas Day was wonderful because I just spent time with my family.  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s not about getting as many gifts as possible.  When I was little, I used to count my gifts under the tree, wanting to have more than my sister.  Obviously I have matured in age, but I feel like I am now in the place where I just simply do not need any more stuff.  I don’t want to go shopping, because I don’t want any more shirts that will just hang in my closet among the other articles of clothing, only to be worn like once a month, if that.  I don’t want a ton of Christmas presents or birthday gifts that will just end up being part of the clutter.  I’m tired of stuff.  And really, it’s all stuff.  None of it is really necessary.  They’re all things I thought I wanted at one point, and now they’re just part of the stuff.

Okay, I think I have exhausted the “cleanse yourself of unnecessary material things” lecture.  I can’t think of much else to say.  Also, I have things to do.  Bye for now!

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