Happy February!

2 Feb

In the spirit of this Valentine’s Day month, here is a random assortment of things I’m loving right now:

Pinned Image

Patterned Toms

Perfect Angel Food

Coffee - Grumpy Cat Quotes

so sweet

intellectual pup

Cute Animals (8)

Careful, or you'll wind up in my novel... Funny Writer Necklace - The Wandering Reader

Music joke hahaha i get it and i'm not a musician

Brittish hotties One Direction

Wedding Hair - Braid wedding

All of these pictures were obtained, of course, from Pinterest (my obsession).  I especially love looking at cool hairstyles like the one above, and sometimes I’m like, “I should try that!”  Then I get sad because I realize that I am definitely not skilled enough to even attempt those cool hairstyles.  Whenever I try I just end up embarrassing myself.  I mean, my favorite hairstyle is throwing my hair up into a bun because it only takes like ten seconds.  Case in point.

January was a super busy month for me but it was actually a pretty awesome month as well; I did go back to school, and I had to endure midterms, but they went well.  I also performed in like eight music competitions (okay, more like two) and I ended up taking the top prize in both of them, so that definitely made me feel pretty happy!  February is going to be another busy month; I’m traveling to music things literally every weekend, and I am also preparing for a music scholarship audition in early March!  It’s a good thing I really enjoy playing my saxophone.

Okay that’s pretty much all for today, I hope you all have a lovely February!

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